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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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Kolab: The Groupware for the Free Desktop


Kolab is groupware for a multi-platform world on the Free Desktop, Windows, OSX and mobile devices. Built from existing Free Software components, Kolab is highly flexible, scalable and convenient. The value of Kolab is experienced through its clients. In this workshop we will show you how to setup a Kolab server for yourself and how to make the most out of the available clients and their power features: Kontact and Evolution.

This day-long workshop shall be split into three parts:

  • Kolab Server

In this session we will show you the basics of how to install, configure and administer a Kolab server. During this session we will also introduce the Kolab webclient Horde as well as introduce the next generation webclient.

  • Kontact

This session is dedicated to the primary Kolab client, Kontact. Kontact will be demonstrated on all the major platforms and mobile devices, with a focus on the Free Desktop. Basic configuration of the client to use Kolab, day to day groupware activities and power user features will all be covered.

  • Evolution

Evolution is the newest desktop client in the Kolab ecosystem. For the first time, the Evolution Kolab team will demonstrate the configuration, use and power features of Evolution in the Kolab environment.


  • Paul J. Adams (
  • Georg C. F. Greve (


Workshop and training

Expected number of participants

40: An even mixture of people from the KDE and GNOME communities as well as those with a general interest in groupware.


Pre-registration is not required. However, it will help planning if people show interest in the workshop by indicating below.

  • Christoph Wickert (wickert at kolabsys dot com)
  • Name 1

Additional requirements

Schedule: This workshop will last one entire day. Our preference would be for this to be either August 10 or 11. Equipment: A beamer will be required. Participants will need laptops, preferably a machine capable of running virtual machines.