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Please sign-up for the football match if you intend to participate.

Cantianstraße 24
10437 Berlin

  • The nearest public transportation connection is U-bahn Eberswalderstraße. The sports complex is less than 5 min walk from the station.
  • Refreshments will be supplied by SUSE

Name Desired Position
Chris Kühl Goalie
Laszlo Papp Goalkeeper
Sven Herzberg Midfielder (Central; Right; Defensive)
Gil Forcada Midfielder (Central; Right; Offensive)
Joan Perals Tresserra Attacking Midfielder
David Edmundson Running about like a lost excited lunatic
Juan José Sánchez Penas Midfielder
Bastien Nocera Any outfield
Adam Reviczky Any outfield (centre forward preferred)
Lucas Rocha Midfielder
Daniel Glassey Lazy Defender/Midfielder
Lukas Appelhans Any outfield where a lack of talent isn't important
Jorge Mario Becerra Pareja Any outfield
Andre Klapper Preferably goalkeeper, and out of training.
Francesco Nwokeka Defender/Midfielder and I have a +10 bonus on running
Christian Muehlhaeuser Offense/Midfielder/Whatever really
Thomas Thym Any outfield
Carlos Garcia Campos Any outfield
Martyn Russell Defender/Midfielder
Jean-Nicolas Artaud Any outfield
Jos van den Oever Any outfield
Benjamin Port Any outfield
Artur Souza Attacking Midfielder
Renato Chencarek Defender/Midfielder
Fabio Araujo Offense/Midfielder/Whatever
Stéphane Maniaci Attack/Midfield
Stefan Siegel Any outfield
daniel g. siegel Attack/Midfield
Travis Reitter Any but goalkeeper
Philippe Caseiro Attack/Midfield
Giovanni Campagna Any outfield (preferably defender)
Aaron Seigo Fullback (wing), or whatever is needed
Siegfried Gevatter Any outfield (probably defender)
Siddharth Sharma Attack/Midfield
Thomas Groß Midfield left side
Ritesh Khadgaray Preferably Defender, out of training
Reynaldo Verdejo Any but goalkeeper
Jan Hambrecht Any outfield
Jaroslav Reznik Any but not 100% as my injured shoulder...
Mathieu Duponchelle Midfielder/Attack
Javier Jardón Attack/Midfield
Richard Hughes I'm not sure it really matters, I don't usually stay where I should do.
Bin Li Defensive
Scott Reeves Any outfield
Arthur Schiwon Midfielder (Central; Defensive)
Luis de Bethencourt Foward/Defender
Chani is offside a position? ;)
Olaf Buddenhagen Midfield (defensive)