Trip to Berlin

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How to get to Berlin

There are two airports and Berlin main train station which serve great connections to various cities and countries.

The information on both airports can be found on Berlin Airport

Tegel Airport

Tegel Airport is relatively small but is located closer to the city center.

How to get to Humboldt University from Tegel Airport:

Take Bus TXL from the airport and get off at Staatsoper bus station. Humboldt University is just across the street from the bus station.

Note: if you want to use the luggage carts, bring a euro or a quarter.

Schoenefeld Airport

Schoenefeld Airport is located in a bit out-skirt area of Berlin however it has an easy access to the city center by train and/or bus.

How to get to Humboldt University from Schoenefeld Airport:

From Schoenefeld Airport station, take RB 14 (regional train) in the direction of Nauen Station. Get off at Friedrichstrasse station. Humboldt University is less than 5 minutes away by walk.

  • the regional train runs every 30 minutes.

Berlin Main Station

Berlin main station is in the middle of the city and has a great train net from all over Germany and from other European cities. For the information on connection from your departure to Berlin, you will find here on Deutsche Bahn

If you don't want to use JavaScript or use a cell phone, you might want to check the mobile site of Deutsche Bahn.

Also very useful for travelers are the cellphone apps offered by Deutsche Bahn. They are available for different types of phones.