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Important notice

The program for the Workshop & BoF days has now been published. Go to the Workshops & BoFs webpage for more information.

Sign up as a Volunteer!

To sign up, please follow closely the following steps:

  1. Before filling your name in, please read the Call for Volunteers.
  2. Edit the table below and fill in your name and data. To edit the table you need to log in with your Desktop Summit web site credentials ("Log In" link in the top right corner). In the table please provide your name, your Desktop Summit user id, the languages you speak, whether you know Berlin and the time/days when you are available.
  3. Please make sure to add your mobile telephone number to your Desktop Summit user profile.
  4. Please join the volunteer IRC channel #desktopsummit on freenode and subscribe to the volunteer mailinglist.

Available Areas (Choose one or more)

  • Registration (includes pre-registration and information desk)
    • Staff the info or registration desk and help people locate their badges, rooms etc.
    • selling merchandising
  • Video
    • Setting up
    • Help record the sessions (training provided, the recording is done with a PC, no prior experience required though useful)
  • Session Chair
    • Announce speakers, make sure they finish in time, Q&A, speaker's water, etc.
  • Setting Up & Tearing down (conference rooms and infrastructure)
    • Move chairs around, bring drinks to the conference rooms, lay cables, ...
  • Lightning Talks (moderating)
    • Like session chair - introduce speakers, make sure they finish in their allotted time, take additional ad-hoc submissions, run (and find) count-down software etc.
  • Soccer Game (including referee)
    • If you know soccer you can help :D
  • Runners/Porters
    • Bringing things from core desk to rooms, finding people when needed, knowledge of local shops and where to get things, etc.
  • Manning press room
    • Take care that the journalists have what they need
  • Doorkeepers
    • For the social events (e.g., check badges, provide directions, etc...)

Sign up (Add your name here)

Name DS Userid Are you a local? Language(s) Which day/times can you help? *Comments
Sean Cox seancox N ENG& Some german Anytime needed Registration, odd jobs, whatever is needed
Tobias Hunger hunger Y DE,EN Thursday before event to sunday after event ...
Adam Reviczky reviczky N DE,EN Sat 9am-11:20am ...
Christian Hartmann hartmann Y DE,EN basically everyday everytime Registration, Session Chair, Organization
David King davidking Y EN Saturday 6th - Monday 8th August ...
Michael Hill michaelhill N EN Saturday 6th - Wednesday 10th August ...
Anne Wilson AnneWilson N EN Friday 5th - Friday 12th August Registration, and odd-jobs
Kevin Benavides benavidescastro N ES,EN basically everyday everytime Registration, and odd-jobs
Daniel Laidig laidig Y DE,EN basically everyday everytime Registration, and odd-jobs
Jesse Zbikowski zbikowski N en_US all day, 5 Aug - 8 Aug Session Chair, Lightning Talks
Valorie Zimmerman zimmerman N EN Arriving Wed. Aug 3, to 10th Registration, odd jobs, whatever is needed
Julita Inca julitainca N ES,EN,DE Wed. Aug 6 to 12th Runners/Porters, odd jobs, whatever is needed
Mousumi Bhattacharya mousumib N EN Saturday 6th - Thursday 11th August Registration, and odd-jobs
Konstantin Scheumann scheumann Y DE,EN basically everyday everytime ...
Matthias Kretz mkretz N DE,EN 6th - 9th Session Chair, Video (experienced sound engineer + some video experience)
Laura Dragan ldragan N EN,RO 6th-9th Anything that doesn't involve talking in public.
Effiong Aniekan effiong N EN All through the event Registration, organization.
Vitor Boschi vitorboschi N EN,PT-BR All through the event photography, video
Siddharth Sharma siddharthsharma N EN,RU basically whenever needed Network or Systems Support, anything that doesn't involve talking in public.
Jiri Eischmann eischmann N EN,CZ probably through the event Registration, organization, manning press room etc.
Behdad Esfahbod esfahbod N EN,FA Core days, not early in the morning! Session chair.
Luca Pizzamiglio pizzamiglio Y IT,EN,DE 5th-7th Anything that doesn't involve talking in public.
Edevbie Clifford edevbie N NG,EN All through the event Registration, organization,talking in public,etc
Florian Wilhelm wilhelm N DE,EN all time Video, Registration and what else is needed
Inu Kim inwookim Y EN,KO,JP,DE all time ...
Carl Symons symons, kallecarl(IRC) N EN any time session chair assistance, registration, Lightning Talks
Claudia Rauch rauch Y DE,EN most of the time, not Tuesday (need to be at KDE AGM) registration, setting up, tearing down, session chair
Eitan Isaacson isaacson N EN,HE,AR any time Whatevs
Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn N DE,EN,ES 6th-8th Session Chair (would like the accessibility track on Monday, no pref otherwise), Lightning Talks
Nuno Pinheiro Pinheiro N EN,PT,ES any time except my own talk, and last day Session Chair, Lightning Talks
Arthur Arlt arthurarlt N DE,EN 5th-8th Video and anything what is needed
Eckhart Wörner ewoerner N DE,EN 5th-12th Anything but soccer ;-)
Till Adam tilladam Y DE,EN 5th-12th session chair, lightning talks, as needed
Laszlo Papp djszapi N HU, EN 5th-12th Video recording
Helio Chissini de Castro helio N PT, EN 5th-12th Soccer referee !!
Daniel Glassey glassey N EN 5th-8th Video
Joanna Stabel Gil stabelgil N EN, PT-BR All through the event. Video, photografy.
Felix Kaser kaser N EN, DE, IT Setting up before the event I will be in Berlin from 1.8. until 8.8., I could help setting up the venue and at registration on Friday.
Vishesh Handa vHanda N EN, Hindi 5th - 13th Session Chair, Setting Up & Tearing down, Lightning Talks. Don't make me provide directions. I have no direction sense whatsoever.
Nirbheek Chauhan chauhan N EN, HI 5th - 13th Session Chair, Setting Up & Tearing Down, Lightning Talks, Runners/Porters. I'd prefer to keep running around than stand in one place.
Fabio Araujo araujo N EN, PT-BR 6th - 12th Video, odd jobs, whatever
Florian Nadge nadge N EN, DE, CZ, SK, UK 6th - 9th Multilingual services, translation, interpretation, editing, etc.
Lasse Liehu lliehu N EN 6th - 8th Video and odd jobs
Anita Reitere reitere N EN, RU 5th - 12th Registration, odd jobs
John Layt jlayt N EN The whole week Session chair, set-up/tear-down, whatever needs doing, you know me :-) Already doing talks, BoF chairing and KDE eV stuff so not available during those times.
David Edmundson davidedmundson N EN Thursday before event, the whole week, but leaving early on the last day Registration, odd jobs, running about.
Gil Forcada forcada N EN, CA (Catalan not Canadian), ES The whole week Registration and info-desk as all previous GUADECs.
Marc Redemske redemske N EN, DE 5th - 12th Everything that needs to be done
Tadeja Kadunc kadunc N EN, SI, DE 6th and 7th for sure ...
Jonas Mueller jonasemuller N DE, DK, EN, SV 6th - 12th registration, doorkeeping, odd jobs
João Paulo Rechi Vita rechivita N PT_BR, EN, ES, IT 5h - 12th session chair, press room, multilingual jobs.
elf Pavlik pavlikelf N & Y EN, PL 5th - 11th I know Berlin quite well...
Marc-André Lureau N EN, FR 8th-11th setting up, tearing down, session chair, video
Thomas Fischer thomasfischer N DE, EN, SV 8th– session chair
Pascal Mages mages N DE, FR, SP, EN 5th 12-24, 6th 8-10, 18-24 and lunch break, 7th 8-9, 18-24 and lunch break, 8th 8-9, 17-24 and lunch break, 9th all day, 10th 8-14 where ever help is needed, as long as I don't miss the keynotes I want to see.
Christina Scherwionke caliope Y DE, EN 5th–8th registration
Daniel Molkentin danimo Y DE, EN 5th–8th registration, session chair, odd jobs
Olav Vitters vitters N NL,EN Not early in the morning assisted registration desk last GUADEC