Attendee Arrival Dates

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Important notice

The program for the Workshop & BoF days has now been published. Go to the Workshops & BoFs webpage for more information.

Attendee Arrival Dates

You are attending the Desktop Summit and want to share a ride from the airport? Then add your name here, your flight number and airport, and others can sync up with you.

SXF = Berlin Schönefeld Airport

TXL = Berlin Tegel Airport


Name Arrival Time/Date Flight Nr
Philip Withnall Fri 5th, 8:55am EZY2101
Joan Perals Fri 5th, 1:35pm EZY4526
Philippe Normand Fri 5th, 1:35pm EZY4526
Juan A. Suarez Fri 5th, 1:35pm EZY4526
Guillaume Emont Fri 5th, 1:35pm EZY4526
Alexander Patrakov Fri 5th, 4:40pm FR8558
Olivier Le Thanh Fri 5th, 8:35pm EJ3V43S


Name Arrival Time/Date Flight Nr
João Paulo Rechi Vita Fri 5th, 12:15pm LH2036
Michael Hill Fri 5th, 4:30pm KL1829
Pascal Terjan Fri 5th, 5:30pm BD845
George Goldberg Fri 5th, 5:30pm BD845
Diego Escalante Urrelo Fri 5th, 8:40pm AirBerlin 9153