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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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Widgets Toolkits are so 2k... Build your Gnome application UI using Web Technologies


This session will showcase the advantages and opportunities of using standards web technologies to build the UX of offline applications.

The state of the art in the field (WebOS, the controversial announce about windows8...) and the SeedKit project will be presented.

SeedKit aims at bringing this paradign to the Gnome Desktop. A quick step-by-step demonstration of building, running and distributing such an hybrid application might folow if time allows.

Feedback, comments, advises and hopefully potential contributors would be greatly appreciated as lot of questions remain open:

  • Consistency: how to enforce coherence among hybrid and current gtk applications ? (impose a js library with widgets theme inspired by Adwaita ?, implement the HIG somehow ?)
  • Packaging and Distribution: Should we provide templates for main distribution packages systems ?
  • Desktop integration: GtkApplication and related actions, notification, session manager...
  • Existing application code (non-introspected) integration: use of libpeas exported extension point ?
  • Security


The people responsible for hosting this session. For a session to be accepted, at least two persons must be listed. Email addresses must be provided.

  • Alexandre Mazari (
  • Xan Lopez ( (maybe)
  • Joern Konopka ( (maybe)


BoF (30mn)

Expected number of participants

20, hopefully


Anyone's welcome.

Additional requirements

Projector would be great.

This area is free to use for anything you wish! Discuss the planned contents, provide links to relevant resources, or whatever