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This is a workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

This is an ad-hoc session, meaning that the host is responsible for scheduling it. See Workshops & BoFs webpage for more information.

The Audio BoF


Various discussions around (Pulse)Audio, getting a PA 1.0 release out if it isn't by then, and other bits across desktops.


The people responsible for hosting this session.

  • Colin Guthrie <>
  • Arun Raghavan <>
  • Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering net>


Some sort of love-child of a BoF and a hackfest.

Time and Place

11:00 am on Aug 10th at room 1.401/2


  • Colin Guthrie
  • Arun Raghavan
  • Marc-André


Things to attack:

  • Discussions
    • <insert topics here>
    • Do a 0.99.2 by EOBoF
    • Plan out 1.0 release items, if any
  • Bugsquash
    • Volume restore on passthrough streams
    • gst volume element breaking source-output volumes
    • Colin had a couple of bugs with the new db format migration?
  • Stuff to hack on
    • Passthrough UI
    • Bluetooth passthrough by using the Media API
  •  ???