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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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Hacking with PyGObject


We'll get together to port applications from PyGtk+ to GTK+ 3 (using GObject introspection). Seasoned developers of PyGObject will meet applications developers and will help each other to port applications and improve PyGObject itself.


  • Tomeu Vizoso (
  • John Palmieri (


It will be closer to a hackfest, on which more than one person hack together in one issue and people help each other depending on their areas of expertise.

Expected number of participants

It's not expected more than 15 people.

Expected duration

A whole day


If you wish, please add your self below so others get an idea of who may be attending.

  • John Palmieri
  • Tomeu Vizoso

Additional requirements

Nothing is really needed besides the very basics, but a whiteboard could be useful and a projector awesome.