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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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GNOME IM Integration BoF


This session will discuss the current state of the instant messaging integration in GNOME. We'll focus on the different topics discussed during the IM, Contacts and Social hackfest in June; check our current progress and the work that still needs to be done.

This includes improvement of Shell's chat integration, being able to be online using only Shell's user menu and the integration of more IM-related events such as incoming file transfers and calls.


The people responsible for hosting this session. For a session to be accepted, at least two persons must be listed. Email addresses must be provided.

  • Guillaume Desmottes (
  • Will Thompson (


Around 2 hours?



Expected number of participants

Around 10.


No pre-registration required to attend the session.

Additional requirements

A projector would be useful, though perhaps not an absolute requirement.


Improvements since the hackfest

Still to do