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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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CMake Introduction


This will be a hands-on session on CMake usage for those new to CMake. No prior knowledge of CMake will be assumed, we will go through all the steps necessary to create a new project, find and link to libraries.

You will leave with knowledge of how to create a new project, with some background on generators to use various IDEs in addition to standard Makefiles.

The topics will be mostly KDE independent, it will cover at least:

  • building a library or executable
  • finding system libraries, linking
  • installing the library/executable
  • adding unit tests
  • CTest submission, CDash dashboard aggregation
  • using different generators for IDEs
  • adding options, using ccmake and cmake-gui
  • adding code generation and custom commands
  • and more


  • Marcus D. Hanwell (mhanwell AT
  • Bill Hoffman (bill.hoffman AT


  • workshop/training session


2 hours

Expected number of participants

  • 25 as hard upper limit


Anyone can participate.

Additional requirements

  • should have at least 2 hours time reserved, having an open end would be nice
  • should not overlap with the Buildsystem BoF, the Release Team BoF and the eV meeting
  • need projector

This area is free to use for anything you wish! Discuss the planned contents, provide links to relevant resources, or whatever