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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

See all proposed sessions, or the Workshops & BoFs webpage for more information.


Bugsquads BoF


Bugsquad teams get together to discuss and exchange common practices and topics as needed. These could be tools to help with triaging reports or upstream/downstream collaboration across bugtrackers, for example.


  • Andre Klapper (ak-47 at gmx dot net)
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido <pvillavi at gmail dot com>


BoF Duration: 1hr

Expected number of participants

Maybe 20, but that might be optimistic.


Anybody is welcome, whether or not you already have some bug triaging/bug management background. Feel free to add your name to this list (no obligations, you just express your interest).

  • Myriam Schweingruber (depending on the day, as I will leave on Wednesday afternoon)
  • Tiffany Antopolski
  • Name of participant

Additional requirements

Internet connectivity and a projector can't hurt in order to take a look e.g. at some tools.

This area is free to use for anything you wish! Discuss the planned contents, provide links to relevant resources, or whatever