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This is a proposed workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

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Add OpenDocument support to your web page, desktop or mobile application


WebODF is a JavaScript library that allows you to add ODF support to any application with a web view, any mobile program and any website. There is an android application using WebODF and more mobile applications are being developed. Qt and Gtk integration is easy. Zarafa and ownCloud also have WebODF support for viewing ODF on-line. The workshop explains how to use WebODF and will have a discussion on desirable use cases, collaborations with other projects and a community model.


  • Jos van den Oever (
  • Tobias Hintze (


Workshop, BoF, training/teaching session, or project meeting. Or something else perhaps?

Expected number of participants

20, no hard limit


1-2 hours


No information required, but interested participants may add their name here.

  • Marc Redemske
  • Name of participant

Additional requirements

A projector is needed. A whiteboard would be nice, but is not needed.

This area is free to use for anything you wish! Discuss the planned contents, provide links to relevant resources, or whatever