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This is a workshop for the DesktopSummit 2011

This is an ad-hoc session, meaning that the host is responsible for scheduling it. See Workshops & BoFs webpage for more information.


Ad-hoc test session!


Short description of the session, so people know what it is about.


The people responsible for hosting this session.

  • Name1 (contact information)
  • Name2 (contact information)


Workshop, BoF, training/teaching session, or project meeting. Or something else perhaps?

Time and Place

When and where will this session take place? Note that you as a host is responsible for scheduling the session. A way to do this will be provided around July 10th.


Are you coming?

  • Name of participant

This area is free to use for anything you wish! Discuss the planned contents, provide links to relevant resources, or whatever